Kshaveworx The Aficionado full review

As this title says this is the full review of The aficionado from Kshaveworx.
If you want to read my initial review, you can find it here.

My “struggles”…

The soap made me to struggle in a certain point…
Whenever I did face lather with the soap, the bathroom would have everywhere lathers.
The lather just did not want to sit on the brush and with every move of my hand, from small drops to huge “snowballs”, were flying stray here and there …foam

The only way to narrow down these stray “snowballs” is to overload the brush, 35-40 spins and with the foam already created in the bowl of the soap slowly build the rest of the lather on the face…

I imagine that if lathering is done in bowls then there should be no problem.

The properties of The aficionado….

  • Aroma [9/10]
    As I have said, the aroma of The aficionado is it’s greatest properties…
  • Lathering [7/10]
    Even though every time I’ve used it, I never had any issue (beside the strays), I have to admit that I’ve made with other soaps lather in bigger quantities.
    But! Nevertheless the lather is thick!
  • Cushioning [10/10]
    Just because the lather is thick, the provided cushioning/protection is great!
  • “Lubricity” [10/10]!!!
    slippery The Aficionado


As I said before, after a few minutes of usage of the soap “The Aficionado” the face had a burning sensation.
It was not intense, it was of the brut level after the end of the 1st “shock”.

This sensation by every shave decreases…
Now I can feel it only on my last passes (3rd).

I do not know if the ingredient in soap is attenuating or it’s just that my skin is  used to it, I’m inclined towards the second theory because it seems more sensible to me though the first is not that unlikely.
Anyway for this reason I will remove 4 points from the grand total…
So the final score of soap at my say is 8.

If you exclude the problem that someone may not even have if they buy it eventually, they will enjoy very nice and very fragrant shavings.

Priced at a relatively good price 15.50 $ with the only really expensive part the shipping costs (shipping to Europe) the cost was actually more than soap! 20.00 $

I do not cry my money though, the soap “The Aficionado” but also the homonymous asl surely deserve it…

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