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Lord Emofresh (creme)

There are some products of “our neighbors” worth to give them a chance – a test – perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps because they appeal to buyers with similar skin and climate Us. One of them is the Lord Emofresh shaving creme.

This cream comes in small sizes – 25 (L178) and 55 (L179) grams. This is good if you do not like – but not so convenient if you stick with it.

The original scent in the tube is a bit “artificial” – would say xynolemono and menthol. But when you start the “pilatefeis” – personally I make hand – that smell comes much more natural – reminding barber in 70s. It is intense, is not annoying, and the face is more digestible.

The surprise comes with the start – in 1 1/2 minute amount of about 1 cm and something – you have a hand like to dive in Nougat – full of foam, thick – comfortable coming 3 passes. No cutting is kept to the skin without the grease after useage.

Making some comparisons – the perfume (and menthol) are more discreet than proraso and palmolive – but for me the overall better smell. The foam produced may also be better than the proraso. And while not creating coldness – as in other creams stronger (and more) menthol – to feel the substance on the skin gently as pricey must. As for hydration – half hour after after shave difference is obvious – soft skin, without irritation dry skin, which does not draw.

Chemist I am but what I read in the ingredients, not scared – we’ve seen much worse – and very famous products.

And a small surprise – in the box, there is a plastic disposable shaving razor of the Lord (probably L401). It is nothing special but the feeling is kinda pleasing I guess.

The price of the connaught is 1, 80 £

Overall – a hang that does not impress you look there first (maybe possible and refined aroma and strong sense menthol) but which far exceeds the average in the other (creating the right foam, moisturizing and overview). Probably this is some sort of “secret weapon” of the Lord …

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