La Toja Shaving Stick (soap)

What could you say now?

We are talking about a miraculous soap. It has been in my scope for a long time, because I like the Italian-Spanish products, and I am very excited that I bought.

The first impression (except for the chick on my computer) its very beautiful and practical packaging. I mean you are almost sorry to ruin (rub) it and put it in a bowl. Like the girl in the wallpaper, you want to be “gentle” to it. Also, although it is 50gr, it is larger than it seems in the photo.

Generally, the packaging is very well made with nice colors. There are even holes on the top and bottom for ventilation. When you open the cap the aroma spills outs and I find it “excellent”,  it has a strong smell of talcum but in a more masculine  version, and it makes you travel in time.

Foaming is also excellent. Easy to use in any way. You can rub the brush on it and then continue in the bowl, or directly to the face with the same results.. The foam is nice, creamy and “greasy” when you spread it on your face and feels very comfortable on it.

On those grounds, I propose this product with my eyes closed. Unless you do not like such fragrances. I got it a little bit more expensive 5,50 € including delivery, but I do not regret it The sure does worth it.

Says xristos_metal. You can read more here.