Herbana after shave balm

Two words for this Greek effort, which was discovered at etsy.com and was introduced to me by the known to us beloved forum corrupter “Vavous”.

First of all it is a balm and not a lotion, even though its written on the label of  100 ml bottle  of solid plastic. It is indeed so thick, almost like custard, which will probably not spill out if we turn it upside down. Thus, the pump in the packaging is not just very practical, it is also very useful.
It is available in seven different versions, with extracts of…
  1. cedar,
  2. sandalwood and cedar
  3. smoked wood
  4. aloe vera
  5. green tea
  6. cucumber
  7. green apple.

In the ingredients I see among others natural wax ointment, propolis, almond, jojoba and calendula oils, shea butter and cocoa, aloe gel.

For my first acquaintance with the product, I chose the version with green apple extract, having read previously that its beneficial for the skin, but also because of the pleasant aroma. The price is decent,  just about 8€ (I got it at 6.80 and because I got a 15% discount for Black Friday). It took a week to arrive because the girl who “runs” the whole effort actually made it after My order. From what I understood this is the way it works (on the invoice was written “made to order”), so I guess that the product arrives in our hands, fresh.

As for the properties now. The texture initially puzzled me, since I have oily skin and until recently I really avoided balm. It advertises itself as a “non-fat” on the label, but it is so thick that it does not convinced me. I however, I was wrong! It was rapidly absorbed. In three minutes I put the fingers on the cheek and there was no trace of greasiness or this “layer” that other balm leave . I’m not an expert in emulsions, but the Herbana provided immediate relief and it did not feel that it was lacking in something against balms like Korres or Proraso I use.

Because it’s fresh and obviously has no preservatives, it may spoil faster (the salesperson did not pointed me out anything though), so I will use it regularly this winter. I’m also curious to see how it will behave on my skin when summer will come. I am hopeful that it will not be oily like other balms and maybe it will change  my world view around after shave (although I will never abandon Aqua Velva).

Highly recommended, I’m curious to hear the opinions of balm lovers. This is, a good product, which is pure and locale, something that, personally, it is a “plus”.

Writes “Roadrunner”.
You can read more here.