First time shaving

Shaving for the first time

So the time has come!
Time for the next step…

A step that will verify for one more time the fact that you are growing up and that you are becoming, day by day a man.
You look your face on the mirror and you think “this annoying mustache is not the most beautiful thing…”.
I have to shave it! But how?

Do not despair!

Shaving is one of the things that you are going to do from now on and for the rest of your life. It is easy and if you do it right in the future it will also be enjoyable!

Of course you  could always let the hair grow, but are you sure that you want to look like this poor fellow?

You might look cool for a while, but then it get the least unpractical.

Now you start to wonder, how do I shave? What should I get? What this and what that…
Relax! We are here to tell you a couple of things that will transform your anxiety to an enjoyable experience!

First things first!
What do you need?

Three key components are:

  • A razor
  • Shaving foam
  • After shave

OK, you need a mirror as well!

More specifically…


bic kitrinaFor starters you do not need something “deluxe”. The most simple and cheap old good bic razor with as less blades as possible is your best choice!
Well, because your facial hair are still thin and tender. So a simple bic razor will suffice. Plus they are chip so you will have more money in your pocket! One razor will last at least for 5-6 shaves. I would suggest you not to buy any Gillette mach/fustion any other multigadgets razor because they are expensive and they do worst shave than the cheap bic.

Shaving foam

Just make your choice! Supermarkets are fullnoxzema_afros_classic_300ml of cans with foams and gels. In plethora of colors and aromas! For now you do not need anything “special“, you could buy something for sensitive skins, since you’ve never shaved before and you might get some an skin irritation from the normal ones which is rather difficult  to happen.





Here as well there are many choices!
But generally I would suggest to find an after shave that hasn’t got too much alcohol in it. Since alcohol tends to dry the skin, so it’s not so good for you. There are really so many choices from new fragrances from Axe to classic and old trusty Brut.
You just take a sniff, if you don’t like it put it back to the shelf. if you do, put it in your basket!


Your are set to shave!

You should probably only have this “bad looking” mustache. It is really early for you to have hair on areas like chin, cheeks or neck.
So let just focus there where the “problem” exist.

Wet your face with hot water.
It does not have to burn, but don’t make it too cold as well! Like I said focus where the hair is. Hot water will prepare them for the shave. It will make them softer.




Put on the palm of your hand or fingers some foam or gel.
It does not need to be much. shaving_foamPut just enough to cover the hair on your face that you want to shave. Don’t overdo it. Using more will not do anything extra. You will just finish the product quicker than you should.




Now, just spread it on your face (yes yes! there where the hair is)

Massage the area and let it rest there for a couple of minutes!

The crucial moment is finally here!
Grab the razor and put it just a liiiiittle bit higher from the “shave ready” part of your face. Do not press hard the razor to your face, if not at all!
Take a dip breath and shave! Move the razor vertically against your face (NOT horizontally)… Like this…

Stretch your skin as much as you can, doing weird faces. Don’t be ashamed, you are alone in the bathroom and it’s better to be caught having a funny face than cut yourself! Trust me!

Try to follow the direction of the hair. Hint: usually (if not always) the mustache goes downwards (ish).
So you are probably will be done in 5 to 6 strokes…

Wash your face again with some hot water and see if you haven’t missed any spots. If you see something just shave it.
You did not find anything… Awesome!
Wash your face, this time with cold water! Cold water will close the pores of your skin. It will also prepare it for the aftershave.

Be generous on the after shave, use your palm again and add some (just a bit) watter. This way it will sting less! Splash it on your face, not the eyes, just focus on the shaved area! It might “burn” you a bit…
See it wasn’t so bad!
Now put some more aftershave, this time don’t use water.

Look your gorgeous shaved face on the mirror!

That was it! You can now wipe your face. Don’t swipe, rather use a light slapping movement…

You just had your fist shave, be lenient with yourself!
After all it was your first time! If it wasn’t good, that’s fine!
On the other hand if it was ok, well done!

Shaving was quick and easy!

When shaving will become boring for you, come back again!
We will show you the way to proper wet shave!
You will learn about shaving brushes, double edge razors, shavette and straight razors. Soaps and creams with aromas and looks you could never have imagined! That will make your bathroom shave look like a visit to a spa!

But also know, your most trusty ally to shaving is your father, not your friends or the telly. Take his advice, let him help you. He knows more than you think he does. (at least on shaving matters)

I really hope I helped just a little! So you won’t have to be afraid of such a simple task and I really hope to see you again in the future to show you everything about good old wet shave!


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