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Qshave, Clone wars

A futile war…(???)

We know very well that clone products will never have the same quality and credibility of the ones they are trying to copy!

But is it always so?

Recently I made a very nice purchase!
I bought a clone that to my belief is equal to the real deal. I am talking about qshave safety razor.

I always wanted to get a Merkur Futur.
But its price is not the best one for my almost always empty pocket!

The difference in price is noticeable …
Around 20 US $ the “clone”, but also can be found cheaply in other e-shops. Unlike the genuine Merkur Futur, which is close to 60 US $ (if you’re lucky).

So, I decided! YOLO! And I bought the Qshave DE

The package came very quickly! If I’m not mistaken it took only 10 days from the day of order.
In a classic orange packaging with the known “anxiolytic” (twice, one the plastic wrapping with the bubbles and second the safety razor it self) within…

The actual packaging…
qshave horizontal box front


Were in some places it was discolored (not scratched). But generally in good condition.

qshave vertical box back


The only “problem” was where you had to open it, where it had a small tear.

Of course this could be done by my daughter in her attempt to open it …




By the way the box opens this way…
Time to enjoy shaving
Saying you that it is “Time to enjoy shaving”

Then you see nothing more than the DE razor smiling at you…

qshave vertical box content


The box contains the machine, a packet of qshave blades and a brush.






Here you see (almost) all of the content of the package…
qshave only content
Missing only one small “card” saying how to put the blades on… (duhhh!)

I do not have the weight and sizes.
I’m sure they can be found on our all-knowing friend Google

It has some minor problems.

For example, it has some “discoloration”.
qshave DE spots

Or here … A tiny “pimple”.
qshave DE pimp marked

It’s tiny, but you can feel it, no I did not try to scrape it!

The machine has no other obvious problems.
I literally turn it upside down and I was not able to find any other problems.

The regulator turns effortlessly but firmly, stays in setting and there is no “wiggling”.
The blade cover also snaps and unlocks easily also without any “wiggling”.

qshave DE top no cover

qshave DE top no cover with blade







The blade stays in place and its cuts in the lower setting (to me) is a bit higher than I would have liked.

qshave DE blade extend

But I was wrong…
qshave DE blade extend with skin

Just for the sake of it I decided to boil it to disinfect it.

This DE is SCARY!!!

It’s the first time that I’ve got such a huge razor in my hands.
At first, I though that I would end up in a hospital. But I was once again mistaken!

The handle does not slip, even when it’s wet …
Pretty heavy, so you do NOT want to apply ANY pressure!
The head slips with a sweet feeling, as if it is a silky tong.

With Astra platinum and the very nice Mystere bergamot shaving soap, shaving was a real treat! But most of all, it was an trouble free!

In the first pass (with the grain) my setting was on 0.5 (the dot before 1). In my second pass (across the grain) but also the third (against the grain), I raised the setting to 3. I found this setting most satisfactory .


The razor, as I said, has some tiny problems, but it is not something that affected shaving. So I forgive those problems  as if they do not exist!

Now, if in some days I have other issues I will probably revise. For now, however, for the money I spent and the final result I had. The razor is perfect! And even if you never use it, just to have it in your “collection” it does worth it.

The clones wars IMHO!

Mercury Futur – Qshave
0 – 1


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