Savon Mystere Cuba

Savon Mystere Cuba soap

Savon Mystere

Market is full of artisan shaving soaps, and quite a lot of times they have proved their quality! But some times artisans make a small batch of shaving soaps just enough for them and perhaps some for their beloved community. Mens Only GR is one of those lucky communities that have such people. People that create soaps like Savon Mystere Cuba!

Savon Mystere Cuba

I bought the soap together with another Savon Mystere, peach schnapps, but this is another story!

Savon Mystere Cuba in a single phrase it would probably go like that…
“It has the smell of a Cuban summer, with a chill of polar cold…”


Close your eyes and imagine a hot summer day, somewhere in Cuba, on a beach sitting at what it looks like a beach bar. It’s very hot, so you decide to order a drink to refresh your self. So you order (guess what) a mojito… The “barman” (or barwoman) after a few seconds, with his magical hands delivers it to you, just like the glass you see on the jar of the Savon Mystere Cuba…

You take the glass and bring it close to your mouth… (now open that jar) and you smell the drink…
Now take a deep breath! That’s it!

The soap can magically take you to such state, where your face will be cooled literally and virtually…

All properties of the soap are high.

  • Very good foaming
  • Awesome protection
  • Excellent gliding
  • Exceptional hydration

Beside all that, it has an awesome smell, at the end of your shave your face will feel like it just got out of the freezer..! 😀

Where can you find it?
But of course in our community


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